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If the Sizzling Scorpions Bonus Symbol, the Buzzard, appears on the payline on the third reel, you are given the opportunity to play the Sizzling Scorpions Special Bonus Feature. The Special Bonus Feature is a desert race between three scorpions - Venom, Sting and Striker. 

When you enter the Special Bonus Feature Screen you can choose the scorpion you think will win the desert race. Click on the scorpion you want to race. The Special Feature is activated and the Buzzard shoots the gun. After the gun is shot, the scorpions start racing along the track.

If the scorpion you selected wins the desert race, you win the 1st position Bonus payout of 100 coins. If your scorpion finished in 2nd place you win a Bonus payout of 50 coins. And if your scorpion finished in 3rd place in the desert race, you win a Bonus payout of 30 coins.

Depending on where your scorpion placed in the race, you are paid out according to the Bonus Schedule.

Bonus Wins Payout
1st position 100
2nd position 50
3rd position 30
As soon as the desert race is over you can return to the main game screen to continue playing by clicking on the Back to Slot button.

You will only be allowed to play the Sizzling Scorpions Special Bonus Feature screen, if you receive the Buzzard symbol on the third reel and have played with three coins.

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